EP Gypsum Forum for sustainable construction

The European Parliament Gypsum Forum is a multistakeholder dialogue to strengthen the shift towards sustainable construction in Europe.

The secretariat and the activities of the Forum are carried out by Eurogypsum: the European Plaster and Plasterboard Manufacturers in Europe (www.eurogypsum.org).

The forum will act as a permanent think tank for creating a vision and a roadmap for sustainable construction with:
  • Representatives of the European trade association (covering the value chain: developers (finance), contractor, construction products manufacturers, recyclers, demolishers distributors of construction products);
  • Decision makers from the European Gypsum Industry;
  • Members of the European Parliament;
  • European Commission officials;
  • Permanent representations representatives;
  • Academicians;
  • Economists;
  • Sociologists;
  • Psychologists.

The Forum will offer a common framework where participants may provide information on their specific needs and concerns relating to sustainable construction and identify ways to optimize EU policies measures for win-win solutions.