Gypsum and sustainable construction and renovation

The European Gypsum Industry is one of the few fully integrated industries within the construction products field. The European Gypsum Industry covers the whole life-cycle of the product and solutions it provides. The companies which extract the mineral “Gypsum” also process it and manufacture the value-added products and systems mainly used in construction.

Gypsum products are indefinitely and fully recyclable as they always keep their natural properties after every recycle. Therefore, the gypsum companies strive to recycle the products at the end of their life-cycle (demolition waste).

The European Gypsum Industry contributes to the quality and sustainability of Europe’s built environment by offering the best interior building solutions.

Those products and solutions are:
  • Safe and healthy- Gypsum is non toxic;
  • Achieving performance with the best environmental footprint;
    • Products are 100% recyclable;
    • Products and solutions are produced with natural and synthetic raw material in a life cycle thinking perspective;
    • With a high discipline in quarry rehabilitation and biodiversity preservation.
  • Aesthetically pleasing (including comfort and well being);
  • Most technically competent solutions for fire, acoustics, thermal and structural integrity –impact resistant-;
  • Easy to use, to install and to dismantle;
  • Most economic.